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Eternal Haunted Summer, the pagan ezine that has published several of my works, published an interview with Anya Kless, the primary editor/compiler of the book Lilith: Queen of the Desert. I wanted to let y'all know primarily as shameless self-promotion, considering that the amazing Anya Kless dubbed a poem of mine good enough to be included in the book (which is now also available on Amazon yay!). So go ahead - check out the interview, check out the book (I promise it's awesome).

In other news, I've been writing A LOT which has made my pace on every other project rather sluggish.

Also, I realized earlier today that I used to have a job that I could go to naked. I miss that job.
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On Saturday night at the Supernatural convention, a small group of fans stayed up late in the theatre for a three-movie-showing put on by Misha Collins’ charity RandomActs. The movies included My Bloody Valentine starring Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester on Supernatural), Friday the 13th staring Jensen Padalecki (Sam Winchester on Supernatural) and Par 6 with Misha Collins (Castiel).
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Oct. 26th, 2010 05:47 am
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The natural disaster in Haiti has fallen out of sight and out of mind for a lot, if not most of us. I'm counted among those who's kind of forgotten about what happened, and what has been continuing to happen, in Haiti. Such short attention spans...it's unfortunate, but I guess it's a side effect of modern media.

Last night on AC360 Sean Penn, whose spent a fair a mount of time on the ground in Haiti working in the aftermath of the earthquake, spoke about the recent cholera outbreak, which was predicted months in advance. It's come to that point where a natural disaster has become a man-made disaster with the cholera outbreak which should have been easily preventable and should be easily treated.

One of the greatest dangers of environmental disasters like the earthquake in Haiti or Hurricane Katrina isn't the initial disaster itself, but the waves of disease that almost inevitably follow. As I said before, an outbreak of some sort was predicted months ago. That's what happens when there is little access to water that isn't contaminated and people are forced to live in such close quarters as the tent cities in Haiti.

So, in addition to the immediate damage that could be seen, further disaster was foreseeable. Rebuilding and getting the proper care to survivors was the purpose of the money promised to Haiti from governments all over the world. However, most of the money promised by governments hasn't made it to Haiti, making pretty much every effort on the ground harder than it otherwise would be. On the other hand, private donations are making it there and making it there much more quickly.

Considering all of this, I decided to make my monthly donation to the charity that was plugged on AC360 last night, J/P Haitian Relief Organization.

This is the part where I encourage others to donate as well, should they have funds not needed elsewhere.
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This ridiculousness makes me so freaking happy. "Once I realized I hadn't actually been arrested I kinda stopped freaking out." ^.^
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The other night AC360 on CNN reported on the suicide of a thirteen year old boy after bullying brought him to his breaking point.

I think we all need to hear this story. It's something that can, in some way, touch all of our lives. Either we have been in the place that this boy was in, we know someone who has been there, or we have been the ones to put someone there.

I can't understand why people don't take the problem of bullying more seriously. This is far from the first suicide that has been the result of relentless bullying. The school that I went to wasn't bad in comparison, but that doesn't mean it was bully-free. I know we had our share of bullies - I experienced bullying and, unfortunately, my reaction was to become a bully for a while. Until I realized exactly what it was that I was doing to the people I targeted.

Having been on both sides of the fence, I know that the event of a teacher witnessing bullying and turning a blind eye is not something that was an isolated case. Even if the bullying got physical. Furthermore, while it is part of the school systems job to ensure the safety of the students in the class or on the playground, the school system and its employees something are the bullies. I've seen and experienced that as well.

I've heard more than my fair share of stories of teachers catching bullying in action and just silently walking away. Not just verbal harassment but genuinely terrifying physical altercations. At least two of these incidences weren't just your run-of-the-mill shoving into a locker, either. They were sexual attacks occurring on school grounds, witnessed by school employees who did nothing to intervene.

I've been lucky in that the bullying that I experienced never went so far as a physical altercation of any kind. Unfortunately, as a bully, I did use my strength to push people around. I've apologized to many of the people I hurt in this way, but I don't think I could ever apologize enough. I wish I could. But that's a lesson that I live with. It's one of the reasons taking time to consider how your actions and words effect the people around you is something so important to me. It's why I have so little tolerance for people who seem to think that making that consideration is a waste of time.

What happened over the past week is absolutely heartbreaking. It's tragic, but it's also terrifying to know that a school turning a blind eye is not an isolated incident - it seems to be the rule rather than the exception. It's terrifying because there's not an easy answer. The only thing that I can hope for is that somehow this incident and the others like it will somehow trigger a badly needed change. Hopefully that change will safe lives in the future. But it doesn't undo what has already been done. It can't save lives already lost.

Two Sharks

Sep. 29th, 2010 10:11 am
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I just wanted to squee a little over this new icon I found. ^.^
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Well, due to a couple of stumbling blocks along the way to preparing to join Hands on New Orleans, plans have changed yet again.

Initially when I got the info that I wouldn't be able to get into the on-site positions that I would want to be in, essentially doing grunt work, because I'm not a New Orleans local, and that the positions that I could get into an out-of-stater were primarily coordination positions (not only positions that I don't want but positions that I am entirely unlikely to even get an interview for) I have shifted over to getting to know The Gulfsouth Youth Action Corps. Already it seems like it might better fit my circumstances.

I guess we'll see what happens next.
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I've kind of decided that my journal here at DW is going to be primarily for me tracking my journey since I've decided "no more putting it off" - "it" being AmeriCorps and New Orleans.

So here I go...

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Having finally gotten a job (woot woot!) I'm going to try to maintain a monthly donation to a charity determined each month.

This month my donation went to 9th Ward Field of Dreams. Essentially it's a project to build a state-of-the-art football and track field in New Orleans' 9th Ward which can be used by community members free of charge. One of the goals of this is to give at-risk youth a place to go when there are few other options and provide opportunities in the community, still struggling to get back on its feet after Katrina.

Of course they can do a much better job of explaining their goals and how they came to be. I first heard about the 9th Ward Field of Dreams on AC 360 and thought it was pretty amazing.

Check it out.
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I created this account a week ago, I think, but I haven't posted anything until now partially because I'm not sure what to post. I don't even have any people here right now, so...I'm just kind of writing at myself right now. I've also not posted yet because I've not been in the best state of mind and...well...I don't want to spleed all over the new dreamwidth account just yet.


Hello world.


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